The Montgomery County Council honored consulting firm Capacity Partners for more than 20 years of collaboration with nonprofits to help them grow stronger and deepen their impact. The March 5 ceremony included representatives of many Montgomery County nonprofits who have worked with Capacity Partners, including MCAEL, Manna Food Center, Community Bridges, Montgomery History, and the Greater Washington Community Foundation – Montgomery County. Capacity Partners has worked with nearly 200 nonprofits in the Washington, DC, region, including more than 100 based in Montgomery County.

Councilmember At-Large Evan Glass presented a proclamation to Capacity Partners Founder and President Mary Robinson and members of her team.

Glass said, “Mary Robinson founded Capacity Partners 20 years ago to help further the mission of all of our nonprofit organizations here in Montgomery County, so that it is truly a public-private partnership between those organizations and the county, the philanthropists and donors who help them.” The Capacity Partners team members “are true partners in that work, helping build up the capacity, the effort and knowledge so that we can all together do the work to make sure our social safety net as is as strong as it can be and as it needs to be to help meet the needs of over 1.1 million residents” of Montgomery County.”

Mary Robinson: “I deeply believe that for a community to thrive, it must depend upon a partnership involving government, the private sector, and of course, nonprofits….We are thrilled to be able to help nonprofits play their role in advancing their missions, which are often heartfelt, and missions that really only nonprofits can undertake.”

A video of the proclamation presentation is here.