A productive board is the hallmark of an effective nonprofit. Capacity Partners offers both consulting services and hands-on board development training to help you attract and engage a dynamic board. Our team possesses noteworthy experience with all aspects of board development.

Board Retreats

Effective facilitation can help you reach consensus and agree on a common vision. Our facilitation activities are matched to the purpose of your meeting or retreat, and our experienced facilitators will keep conversations on point, manage conflict, and ensure full participation through half-day, full-day, or multi-day retreats. Our hallmark is getting to the heart of the matter so your discussions are meaningful and pragmatic.

Board Governance

Our proactive board development training on the roles of nonprofit boards, the attributes of high-performing boards, strategies for attracting and retaining the right board members, and governance models, makes boards more productive and knowledgeable. In addition, we can provide a board assessment to enable your board to improve its practices and attract new board members.

Well-structured committees, which spend time working through specific issues and developing recommendations to the whole board help the entire board make more robust decisions in a timelier manner. Capacity Partners can assist you as you form standing committees, ad hoc committees, and task forces, as appropriate.

Board Training

Our board training programs can expand your board members’ ability to raise funds, strategize, respond to changing market and organizational conditions, and understand their governance responsibilities.

As you probably know, your board of directors primarily governs and staff primarily manages your organization. We can help your board chair and executive director understand each of their roles and responsibilities so that they enjoy a productive working relationship.

Board Self-Assessment

Only half of boards of directors do a formal self-assessment but every single board would benefit from one. A board assessment reviews board governance, strategic planning, committee work, board meetings, board orientation and training, the board’s fundraising, and the board’s relationship with the executive director to identify gaps between current performance and expected performance. It enables a board to build its knowledge of governance, improve its performance, attract new board members, and demonstrate to stakeholders that the board is committed to best practices. Capacity Partners can help your board do a meaningful self-assessment that will reap significant benefits.

Board Engagement Strategies

Is each of your board members fully engaged? Engaged boards deliberate candidly, trust one another, and have an active, collaborative relationship with the CEO. Engaged boards do more than simply attend meetings; they fundraise, make policy, innovate, and advocate for their organization. Capacity Partners consultants are not only board engagement experts, they also serve on boards of directors and can develop strategies to increase your board’s engagement.

Strategic Planning

Do you need more clarity around who you are and where you are going? We build a roadmap with you, guiding you through comprehensive organizational planning and strategic updates so you emerge a stronger organization.

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Are you raising as much money as you need? Our team will help you generate the annual operating, grant, and capital resources you need to accomplish your goals.

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Board Development

Is your board engaged and contributing to the success of your organization? We work with you to create a high-performing board through retreats, governance reviews, and training.

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Management Support

Is your organization executing at peak performance? We help you drive your organization to operate at its highest capacity whether you need leadership coaching, marketing strategies, or operational support.

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