Areas of Expertise

Julie Meyer  |  Consultant


Julie Meyer has worked for over 30 years in the non-profit sector as volunteer, staff, management, founder, and board member for small to medium-sized organizations in the areas of social services, international development and policy, health care, and education. She has worked with grassroots and activist organizations, the community service sector and the philanthropic community. In addition to her extensive management experience, Ms. Meyer has helped found numerous organizations and re-structure others to better fulfill their goals. Most recently, she was the Executive Director of The Next Step Public Charter School in Columbia Heights, DC’s oldest charter school, for thirteen years. TNS is a bilingual GED and ESL program for older “disconnected” youth ages 16-24 with full-time day and part-time evening programs and extensive wraparound services. Ms. Meyer oversaw the school’s rapid growth in size and program offerings, facility acquisition, re-chartering and re-accreditation, and rise to “tier one” rank. She has been a tireless advocate for disconnected youth and immigrants. Ms. Meyer founded the New England Central America Network and represented the New England region for CISPES. She helped found and direct The Lambi Fund of Haiti and Grantmakers Without Borders. She is fluent in Spanish and has worked primarily in the areas of Latin American policy and development, the local, DC Latino community, and education issues.