While strategic planning helps you decide what you want your organization to accomplish, management makes that accomplishment possible.

Even the most effective nonprofit organizations sometimes require individualized leadership coaching, operational analysis, executive search support, interim staffing, and other management assistance.  Our team of seasoned professionals have a remarkable breadth of experience leading and managing nonprofit organizations, and we can expand your abilities and grow your success.

Whether proving temporary staffing during a leadership transition, coaching key individuals, discovering new efficiencies, or utilizing our unique Organizational Vitality model to improve your operations, Capacity Partners can support you and your nonprofit.

Leadership Coaching

Obtaining new insights, developing one’s talents, and improving one’s managerial style can make a good leader great, and a great leader one of the best. Organizations that invest in leadership coaching demonstrate their commitment to their staff and to excellence. Leadership coaching by Capacity Partners helps people meet new challenges and handle career promotions with competence and distinction. Our experienced professionals enable staffers to broaden their capabilities, deepen their skills, and boost their confidence.

Interim Staffing

Interim staffing is the perfect solution to executive transitions. Capacity Partners can meet your interim c-suite needs with highly trained, experienced professionals who have led their own organizations. Interim executive directors can provide an organization with the breathing space to find the right CEO while the interim director makes the tough decisions that permit the CEO to begin his tenure on firm footing.

Often, it is difficult to find the perfect development director. Capacity Partners can provide an interim director of development to set the course and keep your fundraising moving forward.

Executive Search

When the chief executive officer of a nonprofit leaves, it can be a moment of great opportunity for an organization. Capacity Partners can help board of directors develop a timetable for a departing executive director or the retirement of an organization’s founder. We can also identify potential issues that ought to be addressed during a time of transition.  Finally, Capacity Partners can work with you to determine if you ought to make use of an interim executive director and then help identify appropriate candidates for both the temporary and permanent CEO position.

Organizational Vitality

Organizational Vitality is the heart of what makes a nonprofit organization resilient, successful, and beloved. Organizational Vitality is why some nonprofit organizations are superlative in nearly every facet – program, mission, leadership, recognition, and planning. A lack of Organizational Vitality is the reason so many nonprofit organizations struggle with issues they can’t identify, difficulties which prevent nonprofits from fulfilling their grand potential.

The four pillars of organization vitality include:

  • Vision – the change you wish to see in the worlds
  • Leadership – inspiring passion and providing direction
  • Goals – the specific results to be achieve
  • Engagement – firing up staff, board, and stakeholders

Organizational Vitality Can Transform Your Organization by providing:

  • A lens for assessing an organization’s health
  • A planning tool in lieu of full strategic planning
  • A check-in for a strategic plan which feels stuck
  • A prelude to targeted planning (e.g. marketing, fundraising, etc.)
  • A way to bring board, staff, and key volunteers together to create transformative impact

Strategic Planning

Do you need more clarity around who you are and where you are going? We build a roadmap with you, guiding you through comprehensive organizational planning and strategic updates so you emerge a stronger organization.

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Are you raising as much money as you need? Our team will help you generate the annual operating, grant, and capital resources you need to accomplish your goals.

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Board Development

Is your board engaged and contributing to the success of your organization? We work with you to create a high-performing board through retreats, governance reviews, and training.

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Management Support

Is your organization executing at peak performance? We help you drive your organization to operate at its highest capacity whether you need leadership coaching, marketing strategies, or operational support.

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